What’s the Kindest Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You?

When asked “What’s the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?”, here’s what some members of the Georgetown community had to say.


Once I got lost in a train station a mom reunited me back to my family – staying with me 2 hours. I was 7 years old.


My friend didn’t hang up the phone at night when I couldn’t sleep.


My mom who stood by me when I was bullied by girls in college and for supporting me at every step of my career. Despite our differences, she is my rock! Only my rock.


Professor Oidtmann gave me a second chance on the essay.


Holding my hand every night till I fall asleep for more than 10 years.


Karl not failing me.


A stranger helped me breath when I was having an anxiety attack.


My parents let me come to Georgetown no matter what struggle they faced.

And lastly…



Kindness Week is an annual events led by Office of Student Development to promote kindness in everyday life.

All images belong to the Office of Student Development.

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