Letter from the Editors

The How!

The Georgetown Gazette (TGG) is the first student journalism platform initiated by two amazing current seniors, Harleen Osahan and Ngoc Nguyen. If you ask them how did they create TGG, this is the response you will get: “I wish I could tell you that our story was an exciting one but really, we just happened to have dinner together one day and were equally angry about everything in the world and decided to create The Gazette.”

We hope TGG will become a platform for all students to express themselves, whether politically, artistically, or nonchalantly through random op-eds. We believe that quality journalism matters, and hope to improve the standards of student journalism not only in Georgetown but also Education City and the world. We welcome all constructive opinions, so don’t hesitate to submit your writing or drop us a message at [email protected]

With love,

Your Editors in Chief.


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Letter from the Editors